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HR Online "HOL" is designed to be a thorough introduction to all the aspects of Employment law and HR issues that you are likely to meet on a day to day basis.  It should alert you to potential problem areas and keep you up to date with developments.  BOSS Federation HR Advisors are always on hand to explain and expand on the information in HOL.

Each topic is divided into 3 sections:

  • Principal Guidance which will give you an overview of the topic, including flowcharts and "At A Glance" diagrams
  • Secondary Guidance which will deal with specific areas that need more explanation
  • Working Documents which are drafts for you to use and adapt for your business.  They include letters, policies, forms and checklists as appropriate

In addition the BOSS Federation Ready Reckoner will ensure that all the important but easy to forget facts and figures are at your fingertips, and the Redundancy Calculator will assist if you are having to consider a cost-cutting or restructuring exercise

Are you searching for a document that isn't in HOL? Is there an area of concern to you which isn't represented? Let us know and we will do our best to include it in the next update.



Robert Burns, Burns & Harris
Past experiences have taught me to follow advice given to the letter.  BOSS Federation spelt out every word very clearly for which I am grateful.

Christopher Smith, Halstan
The HR advisers at the BOSS Federation explained the process and the law regarding our particular HR enquiry.  They supported this with some solid practical advice that led to a satisfactory conclusion.

James Nicholls, AP Burt & Sons Ltd
First class!

Vince Brearey, Offset Productions
I found the advice offered by Theresa to be of the highest standard and it filled me with confidence that what we were doing was correct.  Without the help of Theresa we would not have followed the correct procedure.  I will definitely be using Theresa and the HR advice team again.

David Plummer,  New Town Printers
Was invaluable to have assistance from Judith Houston to make the whole process manageable and less daunting.

David Faulkner, NWN Media
Always found Linda to be professional and helpful with speedy and practical advice.

Robert Hoon, Datagraphic
Very helpful advice throughout the process and therefore the helped management team to deal with the issue professionally, despite being a small company.

J A Wilson, Limauady Printing
Staff/consultants do give one confidence that they know what they are talking about and that the advice is sound.

Keith Sheppardson, Hussey Knights
I found Alison to be very professional and advice very sound.  It was a pleasure working with her.

J Roberts, Roberts, Mart & Co Ltd
We always find Jo's advice helpful and professional.

Patricia Shackleton, Nayler Group
I think Linda Harrison is a very nice lady and very helpful and explains and makes sure you understand what she is saying.

Sally Drinkwater, Loxleys Print
Jo is always extremely helpful and knowledgable and provides 'practical' advice, which is the main thing.  Thank you Jo.

Katherine Fox, Alpha Media
I feel that I can call/email Jo at anytime and she always gives sound and professional advice.  Thanks.

Craig Eastaugh, Page Bros
The BOSS Federation advice received from day one was crucial, not only the technical and legal side but also the clarity in which it was delivered.  Thank you.

Mark Commins, Sprint Print Co Ltd
Stacey was very easy to talk to and her advice was clear, given in plain English and easy to follow.  She was always on the end of the phone which filled me with confidence.

Max Moody, Zenith Media
Just glad the BOSS Federation are there to help when needed.

Gill Tress, SF Taylor & Co
Linda is extremely supportive and has given our managers some valuable training to allow us to move forward as a company.

Richard Berwick, Point Control
Very clear, simple straight forward help and advice.

Trish Foote, TW Parker
We have had a few issues and Linda is always happy to help and returns all emails and calls promptly.

Rob Steele, Forsyth & Steele
Good, quick practical advice helped us to avoid knee jerk actions.

Catherine Byrne, NWN Media
BOSS Federation has proved  a truly professional and totally competent servcie to all senior and middle managers.  We feel confident in the consistent way we now manage and communicate with our staff from a HR perspective

Richard Gilgrass, Celloglas
Always available to guide and assist in the sensitive subject of employment
Glenn Ingram Boxes GH Ltd Very useful

Louise Owen, Bartham Group
The support I've received from Theresa has been invaluable. She is a great asset to the BOSS Federation team.

Garry Burrows, The Print Academy
Jo Haigh BOSS Federation HR, excellent, professional, clear practical advice and guidance on all HR matters.  Many thanks Jo.

Ann Taylor, Pressision Ltd
I was very impressed with the whole procedure from start to finish and fell confident that if we do have any further action or queries they will be handled in a professional manner.

Hadyn Bradbury, Falconer Print 
Excellent support.

Kiran Mistry, Wm Jones Clifton
Judith is an asset to your organistion.  She was highly professional and calm and helped deliver a project which has every risk of going awry.  She inspires confidence in all and held our hand during a very sensitive time of this company's life - for that my team and I are very appreciative.  Long may she continue to serve in her role as I know in times when HR support is required, there is someone highly reliable to call upon.

Ray Lesnik, The Finishing Co
The level of service we get from the BOSS Federation is excellent.  They have the ability to make you look at issues from a different angle - hence avoiding problems as opposed to fighting you way out of the.  This is essential when there are so many other issues in the business world today.

Fay Willis, Cloister Press
Linda covered every angle making everything easy and clear to understand.  She was thorough, detailed and friendly.  Couldn't have asked for a better service, it was excellent.

John Drew, Kingfisher Print & Design Ltd
Stacey was a tremendous support with this sensitive issue.  And employee had been diagnosed with MND.  As his physical ability deteriorated, Stacey's advice helped me to manage him until he resigned from the company and left on good terms.

Paul Jeal, DG3 Europe
My experience with BOSS Federation HR has been excellent - advice both practical and clear in addition to playing out various scenario's and outcomes

Steve Richardson, Clere Design & Print Ltd
Having an adviser on hand certainly ensured the whole process was smooth and provided the peace of mind I needed to ensure I was following the procedure to the letter of the law.

Richard Clough, Hart & Clough
It was very reassuring to talk to someone familiar with a business like ours, rather than someone from a general non print background.

Paul Baxter, Warwick Printing
Really helpful, advice was instant.  Very good.

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