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National Minimum Wage from 1st April 2017

Over 21 yr old = £7.05 pr hr

18-20 yr old    = £5.60 pr hr

16-17 yr old    = £4.05 pr hr

Apprentice    = £3.50 pr hr

National Living Wage from 1st  April 2017

Over 25 yr old - £7.50 per hour

(and not in the first year of an apprenticeship)

Recommended (current) Living Wage from
November 2014

London:       £9.45 per hour
Elsewhere:    £8.25 per hour

Layoff pay £26
Tribunal Compensation Max £78,962 or one year's pay (whichever is the lower) for Unfair Dismissal (from 6 Apr 2016)
Max £14,370 Basic Award
No limit for discrimination

Statutory Maternity Pay 90% of salary for 6 weeks then £140.98 for 33 weeks
Statutory Maternity Leave

52 weeks (26 OML 26 AML)

Max 11 weeks before birth
SMP for 39 wks

Maternity Allowance £140.98 or 90% of salary for up to 39 weeks
Lower Earnings Limit £112 pw
Notification requirements

By 15th week before baby due (28 days for entitlement to SMP)
No notice required re return to work even if employer asks.

The employee needs to provide 8 weeks notice if they want to return early.

Recovery of SMP
Employers are reimbursed 92% of the SMP they have paid out or 105% if their total National Insurance liability in the previous tax year was no more than £45,000. In order to recover they must be in possession of a MATB1 signed no earlier than 14 weeks before EWC

Other family leave

Paternity Leave

2 weeks at £140.98 or 90% of earnings (whichever is lower)

Shared Parental Pay

£140.98 or 90% av weekly earnings (whichever is lower)

Parental Leave 18 weeks of unpaid leave can be taken up for children under 18 years old.
Adoptive Leave 52 weeks (26 weeks of Ordinary Adoption Leave/26 weeks of Additional Adoption Leave) for one parent (payments 39 weeks at current rate or 90% of weekly earnings if less)

Emergency Leave

For dependants who fall ill. "Reasonable" time off - max probably 2 days

Sick pay
Statutory Sick Pay £89.35pw
Statutory period No SSP payable for sickness of less than 4 days' duration
Maximum period 28 weeks - separate periods can be linked if 8 weeks or less apart
Cut-off Linked periods must fall within 3 years
Notification requirement Default position - employee must notify in writing within seven days of start of sickness absence.

Holidays and notice
Statutory Paid Holiday 28 days (can include bank holidays)
Statutory Notice After one month - 1 week per year worked - Max 12 weeks

Statutory Pay (capped at)

Max £489 pw (max £14,670)

Non-taxable amount £30,000
Statutory Periods Up to 22: 0.5 weeks' pay per year worked
22 or older, but under 41: 1 weeks' pay per year worked
41 or older: 1.5 weeks' pay per year worked
Consultation Period with Union/Employee reps

100 or more within 90 days - 45 days before notice of first dismissal 20-99 within 90 days - 30 days before notice of first dismissal
Under 20 employee - N/A

Notification form HR1 100 or more within 90 days - 45 days before notice of first dismissal
20-99 within 90 days - 30 days before notice of first dismissal
Less than 20 N/A
Failure to comply - Fine up to £5,000

Consultation Period Not specific but must always be done (no 20-employee threshold)
Compensation for non-compliance Up to 13 weeks' pay for each employee

Flexible Working
Compensation for breach of procedure or unlawful refusal Max 8 weeks @ £479 pw
The above may also be in breach of Sex Discrimination Act Unlimited compensation

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