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BOSS Today - March/April 2013

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We are not just focusing on people in work either. This issue we also give you an introduction to Executive Exchange, our new recruitment and job-hunting database, which you can find more about on page 26.

Then there’s more about Media Marketplace 2, an event that aims to attract a broad cross section of people both from within the office supplies industry and from other related industries. You can read about this on page 25.

Among our broader features, on page 8 we take a look at how the paper industry is responding to declining demand by focusing more on recycling, while on page 18 we see how the growth of digital technologies is actually increasing the options for those looking to offer their customers archiving and filing products.

Crime and fraud is something that will probably always be with us, so in this issue we also take a look to see how our own industry has worked with the police to combat this growing menace. You wouldn’t believe the kind of activities our work has helped uncover, so read about it on page 22.

At the same time, don’t miss one of our members’ nostalgic look back at how the industry has changed since he first came to look at it in 1993. That was the year a band called Take That had their first ever UK number one. The band may be back now after a well publicised split, but as you can see the industry has changed beyond all recognition – although not necessarily for the worse. Find out more on page 16.

As ever, if you have any comments about the magazine do let us know.

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