Industry Standards

Managing Industry Standards is a core BOSS Federation activity. This involves introducing and maintaining uniform, consistent and standard ways of operating in business. Industry standards lower barriers to trade by providing compatibility and facilitating cost reduction and efficiency improvement all along the industry supply chain from suppliers to end users.

Industry Standards

Standards activity covers both processes and information and currently includes the development and maintenance of standards in four main areas:

  • Technical Standards
  • Data Standards and Standardisation
  • Regulation
  • Packaging & Labelling


BOSS Synergy Team

Standards work is undertaken by the BOSS Synergy Team, with the central aim to improve sales revenues, reduce the proliferation of data standards and reduce business costs for all members - in short to improve profitability. The Synergy Team and sub-committees and working parties are drawn from members, external experts and BOSS head-office staff. Key issues relating to standards are reviewed regularly by the BOSS Executive Board and the other member forums that are affected.



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