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24 August 2017

Providing relevant and valuable information on topics of interest to our members is at the core of what we believe we can do to help support our industry.

BOSS is therefore launching a new initiative which is starting on the 19th September called 'Topical Tips' and it's free to our members. It is a series of webinars that you can take part in by attending on a Tuesday evening between 5pm and 5.30pm, wherever you are. We understand that it is increasingly hard to get out of the office to get that desired contact with peers and colleagues in the industry. And when you do, it tends to be for social reasons rather than business.

But collaboration and cooperation are commonplace in business today and a problem shared is a problem halved. A webinar is the perfect solution - attend without travelling and get to share in knowledge and experience being pooled together for the benefit of all.

Steve Robinson, the well-known and charismatic industry figure, will host the evenings and be there to field your questions. As Steve has said: "This is your chance for you to ask an expert something you'd like to know - either on the main topic covered on the call or it could be on something else business-related, marketing-related, finance related or even life-related - it doesn't matter, we'll take them all. And if we don't know the answer, we'll try and put you in touch with someone who does."

Even if you don't have any questions of your own, this will be a fantastic opportunity to listen in on what other members are interested in and perhaps learn from their questions and answers.

As a broad objective for the BOSS Topical Tips webinars, we will try to give you real and useful strategies, tactics and tools that will help you to grow your business. But this is not about the next BIG idea.

Clive Woodward once said, "it is much easier to do 100 things 1% better than it is to do 1 thing 100% better", so in the coming weeks and months, we will try to provide you with some ideas on the 100 things that you can do 1% better, with the objective that this will make your businesses 100% better!

BOSS would like to further engage with independent dealers, so some of the topics will have dealers specifically in mind, but equally many of the topics will be of interest to all our members, large and small, whatever your speciality.

To sign up for your access to any of our free webinars, please click on the appropriate link from the topics below:

19/09/17 - 17.00 - Should I be tendering or am I wasting my time? 
26/09/17 - 17.00 - Website tips and tricks - putting lipstick on a pig? 
03/10/17 - 17.00 - GDPR - what do I need to know? 
10/10/17 - 17.00 - Apprenticeship schemes - how do they work? 
17/10/17 - 17.00 - Don't give away the crown jewels in sales 
24/10/17 - 17.00 - How to be more easily found online 
31/10/17 - 17.00 - Product data - mind your packs and pers 
07/11/17 - 17.00 - Telephone appointment setting made simple 
14/11/17 - 17.00 - Managing your CRM system more effectively 
21/11/17 - 17.00 - Sustainability in simple steps 
28/11/17 - 17.00 - State of our industry - can we budget growth in 2018? 
05/12/17 - 17.00 - BOSS Training & Induction Days - what's on offer? 


For further information please contact:
Philip Lawson
Philip Lawson
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