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BOSS 'Gem Of A Relationship' Conference Review

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07 December 2017

The BOSS 'Gem Of A Relationship' Conference took place on the morning of the BOSS Awards at the Tower Guoman Hotel in London. This focused on the strengths that dealers have in their close relationships with customers – and it was clear that all four of the subsequent presentations were designed to address different aspects of this in a very modern context.

Tracy Spence, Sales & Marketing Director at M3 Strategic Marketing, was first up, looking at “How To Build Your Personal Brand Online”. Opening by reminding us that customers make business decisions based on their perceptions of people, and that – as a result – there was a vital inter-relationship between personality and brand, she explained that if we built our personal brand wisely and in concert with our business brand, it would benefit both us and our companies.

Dominic Wing, Higher & Degree Apprenticeship Manager at BOSS Federation and Graham Curtis, a trained police negotiator, together covered “How To Improve Your Negotiation Skills”. Using a variety of interactive methods – including online polls and role playing exercises – they explained that people will often make decisions on factors other than pure economics (such as the principle of fairness) or even logic, and that it was vital to always consider this.

It was given to James Cook, Digital Services Director of Focus7 International, to pick up the theme after the lunch break by looking both at “The Opportunities & Threats Of Social Media” and “How To Manage Your CRM System More Effectively”. James began by identifying the three major threats of social media as its improper use for marketing, lack of clear guidelines/tone of voice and reputational damage.

The final presentation entitled “Future-Proofing Your Relationships And What That Means For Our Industry” was presented by Phil Lawson, CEO of the BOSS Federation. This explored how interpersonal relationships evolve with the changing nature of society and technology. Focussing on the extraordinary growth of the power and prevalence of technology, he explained that this affects our own development and behaviour and that our work rules are now changing.

A full review of the conference will be featured in the next edition of BOSS Today.

A big thanks to all our sponsors who exhibited on the day.

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