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The requirements of GDPR also extend into HR

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15 February 2018

To prepare members for the new data protection regulations, we hope that you understand your responsibilities to protect your customer's data: but are you also aware of your Human Resources responsibility?

At the point of collecting data from employees or job applicants, employers will have to provide more detailed information about the processing of personal data than they do currently. Employers can use information notices, also known as ‘Privacy Notices' to provide this information. This will also apply where an employee wishes to process existing data for a new purpose.

One of the biggest changes will be the principle of accountability, and companies will have to demonstrate that they comply with the GDPR. This means that extensive internal records of data processing operations will need to be kept, and these will also have to be produced for inspection, if requested. To assist with this compliance, employers should create a data register containing information about all the personal data which is collected and processed by the company.

The GDPR will also place much more stringent obligations on employers to ensure that they have the systems in place to respond to any ‘data subject access requests' received from employees. Whilst employees have the right under the current Data Protection Act to access information that is held by their employer in relation to them, the regulations have been fine tuned by the GDPR to be more transparent and accessible.

This article highlights changes to the requirements for processing employee data under the GDPR, but BOSS members should be aware that the GDPR is complex and contains additional requirements and details that go beyond your employee data.

For additional information regarding becoming GDPR compliant, please contact Meeka Walwyn-Lewis in our Specialist Services Department on 01924 203335 or read our fact sheets below.


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