The BOSS Federation is the trade association which serves the UK office supplies and services industry by providing a range of initiatives, cost saving benefits and services, to enhance the business performance of its members.

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Governance & Structure

Governance & Structure

BOSS Executive Board

The affairs of the Federation are under the absolute control of the Executive Board, leaving the Chief Executive the responsibility for the day to day management of the Federation. It oversees the activities of the Forums, working parties and committees. It is responsible for the entire management of the property, funds and affairs of the Federation.

Chairman: Geoffrey Betts, Stewart Superior Europe Ltd
Treasurer: Rob Jenkins, Integra

Philip Beer, Hamelin Brands Ltd
Simon Drakeford, Euroffice
Elliott Jacobs, UOE
Mark Knibbs, Pilot Pen Company Ltd
David Langdown, Focus7 International
Philip Lawson, BOSS Federation

Sean Starkey, Durable UK Ltd
Jeff Whiteway, SPOT

You will find details of further benefits and services which BOSS offers to the industry via membership throughout this site.

BOSS Manufacturers Forum

The Manufacturers Forum comprises representatives from across the industry representing all suppliers and manufacturers of office products, stationery, office furniture and many other products. It makes recommendations for the implementation of initiatives that reflect manufacturers' interests and concerns. The Chairman sits on the BOSS Executive Board.

Mark Knibbs, Pilot Pen Company Ltd

Companies Which Regularly Attend (or are Represented)

British Loose Leaf

Colop UK
Durable UK
Hamelin Paperbrands
Mitsubishi Pencil Co
Nestle Professional
Stewart Superior

BOSS Resellers & Distributors Forum

The Resellers & Distributors Forum is made of up of representatives from across the reseller sector in the office products industry. The Chairman sits on the BOSS Executive Board.

Steve Harrop

Vice Chairman
Currently vacant

Companies Attending

Simply Office

Rubber Stamp Manufacturers Guild

The Rubber Stamp Manufacturers Guild (RSMG) was constituted on the 12 April 1938 and is the trade association for the rubber stamp and associated marking devices industry. Promoting that industry it provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and education; it is a part of the BOSS Federation.

At the national level the Guild offers members the opportunity to keep up to date with emerging technologies and the development of new and exciting products that help to make their customers more efficient and more profitable. Workshops, seminars and social gatherings offer an excellent opportunity for networking within the industry.

At the international level the Guild is a member of AEGRAFLEX and the Guild Show EMDEC, the only international conference and exhibition outside of the USA which was purely for rubber stamp manufacturers has been combined into ISEE.

Potential trade members, rubber stamp manufacturers and suppliers to the trade may obtain additional information from Liz Whyte on 01924 203338 or email [email protected].

Writing Instruments Association

The WIA is the trade association for the UK Writing Instruments Industry. Promoting that industry, it provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Via its specialist Technical Committee, it examines a number of issues that directly affect the manufacture and distribution of writing instruments throughout the UK. It is part of the British Office Supplies & Services Federation (BOSS).

The object and purpose of the association is to:

-foster and promote the interests of the Writing Instruments Industry,
-increase the use of its products,
-collect and disseminate pertinent information relating to the industry,
-represent the industry's view to government and public bodies,
-promote good public relations
-do all things necessary and proper for the development of the industry.

For more information about the WIA, please contact Liz Whyte on 01924 203338 or email [email protected].

BOSS Federation Benevolent Fund

The BOSS Benevolent Fund is the registered charity established in 1925 to provide for the needs of individuals who have worked in the stationery or office supplies and services industry and their dependents.

The Fund is run by a Board of Trustees, which is appointed by the BOSS Federation's Executive Board. A personal touch is added by a network of visitors who maintain links with individual beneficiaries on a regional level and advise the Board of any changes in the beneficiaries' needs. The Board Members and visitors are all unpaid volunteers.

Help is available to anyone who has been employed in the office products industry, or their dependents. In some cases support is arranged in co-operation with other organisations. The Fund helps people of any age.

For more information about the Benevolent Fund and how you can help, please contact Liz Whyte on 01924 203338 or email [email protected].

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