The BOSS Federation is the trade association which serves the UK office supplies and services industry by providing a range of initiatives, cost saving benefits and services, to enhance the business performance of its members.

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Structure of the Industry

Structure of the Industry

The Office products market is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. Innovation and technology have led the way to influencing the growth and diversification of the market.

The UK Office supplies  and Service industry was valued at over £4.6 billion in 2007*

The industry has grown over the years from covering traditional stationery items such as pens, pencils to now encompassing office furniture, computer supplies and accessories.  

The route to market is complex as there are many distribution levels involved. The route consists of manufacturers selling to either specialist distributors, general office products or general IT products wholesalers. They can also sell direct to Resellers or through the manufacturers to the resellers. The resellers consist of retailers superstore, mail order/Etailers, Dealers and contract stationers. The resellers will continue to sell their products to customers/clients and customers/users.

BOSS endeavous to provide companies with the services and business support required to work successfully within the office supplies & services industry. BOSS' main focus is supplying members with the information and benefits required to save their member's companies valuable time and money.

For a diagram depicting the UK Office Products Industry Supply Chain, please click here.

* GfK Market Tracking figures for 2007

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