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What is XML?

XML, or eXtensible Mark-up Language, technology has emerged as an important topic of common interest across the office products industry for its potential to provide a common messaging language that is platform independent, does not require expensive integration and uses the internet as an inherently lower cost base. Irrespective of company size, XML can help to lower the cost of electronic trading and offer smaller organisation an easier, more flexible route to electronic trading.

XML, when used with an agreed standard, also represents a way forward for larger organisations as it opens up electronic trading with a wider community of trading partners and can also support a broader range of more interactive document exchanges.

What is available from BOSS?

opXML is a standard for XML messaging developed by BOSS in conjunction with representatives from all tiers of the industry supply chain and industry software providers to meet their agreed needs. It is based on a version of BASDA e-BIS XML, a widely accepted cross industry open standard. The standard comprises schemas for the most commonly used documents; orders, order responses and invoices and a set of best practice rules for implementation which are available to download on this site.

The Implementation Guide is available free of charge to BOSS members.

If you are not a member you are able to purchase a copy of the Implementation Guide at a cost of £100 VAT. Contact BOSS on 0845 450 1565 or email [email protected]

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