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BLL Holdings Ltd
Anne's understanding of a complex situation and ability to find the best ways to handle some challenging aspects has been remarkable.  Her grasp of the detail is impressive.  We have been enourmously impressed by the advice and support we have received.
Jonathan Levy - November 2015

Wells Printing Services
Nicola's help has proved invaluable yet again.  Thank you.
Greg Stewart - November 2015

Geoff Neal Litho Ltd

Nicola is always very helpful and professional.
Sam Neal - October 2015

Response Envelopes

After becoming a platinum member of the BOSS Federation, I have found their Legal department to be very helpful with any questions asked of them.  After deciding to use Anne Copley for my legal representation, she has proved to be a total professional in her dealings with my particularly difficult circumstances.  I can honestly say I am more than satisfied with her patience and all the work she personally put forward on my behalf.  In the future I would have no issue recommending Anne and BOSS Federation Legal for any advice surrounding company practices.  In my experience BOSS Federation Legal proved to be hard working, helpful, professional and good to work with.
Zak Park - October 2015

Staedtler (UK) Ltd

Excellent service.  Very quick response time.  Cost effective.  Sound and pragmatic advice.  Highly recommended.
Duncan Savage - September 2015

Alexir Packaging Ltd

Succint and speedy responses.  Issue resolved quickly and efficiently.
David Palmer - February 2015

RR Flexo Ltd

First class service, quick, facts given with good advice.
Richard Lambert - February 2015

Watershed Packaging Ltd
Efficient, fast service.
John Waters - October 2014

Nicholson & Bass

The service provided was excellent and by Carole in particular.  We were kept well informed of our responsibilities and on how the case was progressing at all times and found ourselves very well presented for the tribunal.
Eunan Donnelly - October 2014

Eclipse Ltd

Carole has a straightforward approach and only uses formal language when required in legal documents.  Carole has a great sense of humour which is always helpful when we are wrestling with difficult cases.
Christine Pestle - August 2014

Boxpak Ltd

Carole was most helpful and her easygoing approach made the whole matter less stressful than it might have been.
Mervyn Gorman - July 2014

Adare Ltd

We were extremely pleased with the professional service and invaluable advice we received from BOSS Federation Legal Team.
Jane Davies - July 2014

SPS Print Group Ltd

Money well spent with helpful, approachable solicitors.
Martin Daniel - March 2014

X1 Ltd
Perfect service, perfect advice, perfect outcome.
George Eckford - November 2013

Cestrian Imaging Ltd

It helped to focus the attention to detail and employer input was used.  A very beneficial service.
Lynn Holland - October 2013

Polestar Print UK Ltd

As always an excellent service provided.  Sound advice given by the legal representative - options tabled with risks to enable the company to reach an informed decision.  Speedy responses and queries with thorough explanations at all stages of the process.
Nicky Bunfield - August 2013

Concord Filing Products Ltd
I found the whole handling of our case very efficient and effective and was extremely pleased with the service and outcome.
Barry Sutton - July 2013

TW Parker Ltd

Excellent handling of case from start to finish.
Trish Foote - July 2013

Northend Creative Print Solutions

Anne Copley and her team could not have been more helpful or professional.  I would highly recommend to any member who is careless enough to end up in a tribunal.  Better still use the BOSS Federation HR team first to avoid tribunals altogether.
Nigel Stubley - June 2013

Chesapeake Pharmaceutical Pkg

Very professional and informative.  Gave a realistic view and was happy to explain further when requested.
James Baxter - June 2013

Cascade Group

I was absolutely delighted with BOSS Federation Legal.  I cannot commend them highly enough for their professional yet personal assistance.  It's hugely reassuring to know they are on my side.
Anthony Adler - June 2013

Bartham Press Ltd


Outstanding - professionalism personified.
Louise Owen - April 2013
Pensord Press Ltd

BOSS Federation legal brought a difficult issue to a sucessful conclusion.
Richard Norton - April 2013

Foil Solutions Ltd
Very effective advice given - excellent value.
Len Leight - April 2013
Geoff Neal Litho Ltd

Sam Neal - January 2013

UK Greetings Ltd

As always very helpful!
Nicola Burnham - December 2012

NWN Media

I found the advice/service provided by Carole Banwell to be helpful, reassuring and absolutely second to none. Though a long process nothing was ever too much and you really did feel that she believed the in case as much as we did, (I don't think you can buy that sort of support). I'd also wish to heap praise on Tom Gosling our appointed Barrister, who again had our interests at heart and took time to listen and understand and pass on very constructive thoughts.
Mark Wall - November 2012

Hunts Paper & Pixels

Sound, logical and utterly professional.
Timon Colegrove - November 2012

Polestar Chantry


Very sound practical advice, as always.
Rob Dyal - November 2012

Glossop Carton & Print Ltd

"Good solid advice."
Jacky Sidebottom - August 2012

Hobbs the Printers Ltd

"Very strong support throughout the process.  Excellent guidance and communication."
Richard Dix - August 2012

BD&H Ltd

"Very satisfied that our best interests were served in a friendly and informative way."
David Hutchins - June 2012

Pensord Press Ltd

"Nicola is always helpful and ready with advice when asked."
Leigh Williams - April 2012

Nuprint Technologies Ltd

"Excellent support during a difficult process."
Gavin Killeen - April 2012

Newgate Concise Ltd

"Carole Banwell was great."
Cleveland Deroche - March 2012

Prime Group
Legal Plus Member
"BOSS Federation Legal provide a stunning service that every printer should be using.  I couldn't recommend them enough."
Jon Tolley - February 2012

Postsafe Ltd

"Fast, friendly and efficient."
John Poolman - November 2011

Hamelin Paper Brands Ltd

"Easy, helpful, pragmatic and given the nature of the subject .... enjoyable!"
Philip Beer - November 2011

Summit Print Ltd

"Truly professional but with a realistic approach, we feel confident to use them again.  Thank you".
Neil Parsons - September 2011

Panda Press (Stone) Ltd

"We would 100% recommend BOSS Federation Legal and found our solicitor to be an invaluable source of help, support and information - 10/10."
Hannah Tunnicliffe - September 2011

The Colourhouse Ltd

"Carole Banwell was very easy to work with and as this was the first time I had dealt with a Tribunal, she made it very easy for me.  Thank you Carole.
Jill Pask - August 2011
John Good Ltd

"The most professional, helpful and friendliest service I have ever received from a legal advisor.  Clear and concise information and advice and free from legal jargon throughout.  Nothing was too much trouble".
Robin Parish - August 2011

Greenford Printing Co Ltd

"Anne has been a real rock.  This our first experience of anything like this.  With her expert advice and calm manner we've had a very satisfactory conclusion".
Simon Glover - July 2011

Global Print UK Ltd

"I want to thank you immensely for all your help and the kind manner in which you've helped with this case.  I would not have known what to do with your guidance."
Amina Bukhari - July 2011

Colibri Press Ltd

"2 tribunals; 2 victories - well done BOSS Federation Legal!"
Richard Jeckel - July 2011

Horner Brothers Print Group
"Both Anne & Carole were very easy to talk to as they didn't baffle me with 'legal jargon' and explained everything in a professional manner".
Christine Mullen - July 2011

UK Greetings Ltd

"Thanks for all your great help".
Ken Roberts - March 2011

Clinical Print Finishers UK Ltd

"Excellent service with professional caring solicitors".
Jamie Court - March 2011

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