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Accreditation Process

Companies are accredited via a combination of:

  • Samples submission
  • Self assessment
  • Evidence of inclusion of the Standard in company quality Management processes
  • Physical auditing

We recommend that companies adopt the product realisation requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard. This is also overed in section 6 of the Standard.

Extracts of BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 are reproduced on the BOSS Federation internet with the permission of BSI under licence number 2004AT0044. Hard copies of British Standards are available from BSI Customer Service 389 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 4AL, United Kingdom (Tel: 44(0)20 8 996 9001).


Improving the Standard of Packaging and Labeling in the supply chain will make a significant difference in reducing hidden cost in areas such as incorrect barcodes, illegible descriptions, incorrect picking, redelivery of products incorrectly labelled and even fines imposed by customers for mistakes with packaging and labeling.

How to get accredited

  • Apply for the award scheme using the application form
  • Complete the self assessment check-list in conjunction with the Packaging and Labelling Standard, the Marking Criteria and the How to apply guidelines
  • The standard is applied to all registered brands that a company is responsible for. You will be requested to provide an example of each packaging level for each brand as well as a list of all the SKUs for each brand you are responsible for.
  • Include information on how your company quality standard will incorporate the Packaging and Labelling Standard

To view the complete BOSS Packaging and Labelling Standard, please click here.

To download the Guidelines on How to Apply, please click here.

To download the Self Assessment Form, please click here.

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