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How can you be sure your MIS investment is best suited to your business? How do you make sure that you can maximise the benefits from it to drive increased profitability? Three quarters of UK printing companies are not using MIS to make the most of their businesses according to Vision in Print’s recent Best Practice Study on MIS.

Most printers use their MIS to automate administration, such as estimating, job bags etc but few have realised the potential of the information contained to analyse and hence drive the business forward to greater profitability.

Don’t waste your money on buying the wrong MIS or by failing to exploit the full functionality of your MIS: let us help you. BOSS Federation Business can provide expert assistance and advice on your MIS investment decisions and on how to get the most from your MIS.

An MIS can become the central ‘knowledge bank ‘ for the business as well as the repository of the company standards. Only by measuring sales and production activity can managers begin to take control of the business.

BOSS Federation Business support can also deliver an overall methodology for continuous review of your MIS and its use: to reduce costs and improve ways of working to ensure that your business continues to drive maximum value out of its MIS investment.

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