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Luke Chapman
The Business Performance Group

"After 6 years involvement with BOSS and subsequently the BOSS Federation I am always reminded just how valuable the networking is, but this time it was me that got the benefit!

My focus has predominately been the office supplies side but in recent years I bought a trade printer and have therefore made the most of both sides of my membership.

I have now very recently merged my printer (printciples) with a much larger trade printer. We have the capacity to meet any print requirement or solution that a trade partner could want, from our integrated WTP systems that link directly to our indigos and four colour machines.

In simple terms - this would never have happened if it wasn't for BOSS and BOSS Federation. Without connections from Michael Gardner and Dale Wallis onto our new partner we wouldn't even have known each other existed, let alone were 8 miles down the road from each other!

Thanks again to Dale and his team and all of those people that have supported me through networking over the last 6 years, I look forward to the next 6 being even more successful.

Looking to network in the stationery or print trade? Then look no further".

Philip Beer
Hamelin Brands Ltd

Good news - Hamelin benefit from their annual HR and H&S checks:

At the end of 2012 Hamelin were able to independently check both their adherence to the latest H&S and HR legislation as well as being given advice on best practice.

Hamelin's MD Philip Beer commented:

Independent checks on our H&S and HR procedures are an important part of our business. We are not a big enough company to warrant full-time HR or H&S personnel but we do need to take both these areas very seriously and we get this help from BOSS.

Once a year Simon Lunken, BOSS Head of H&S, checks our H&S policies and procedures and visually inspects our warehouse and offices and then reports directly back to me. This enables me to better manage the member of my team who holds H&S alongside there functional department responsibilities and effectively enables me to then make any urgent corrections. This in turn ensures we not only abide by the latest legislation but it also gives me the confidence that I am upholding my responsibilities in this very important area, with not a great deal of effort or time and it's all part of my membership fee.

Similarly with HR, Alison Green - Regional HR Adviser for the Eastern region, came and checked our HR policies and procedures.  One was found to be out of date due to recent changes in legislation, Alison provided us with an updated procedure which we quickly made our own and re-issued.

I am a big fan of line management having to deal with all aspects of managing their people and BOSS enables us to do this.  Whenever we need advice we just get in touch and then get on with it .... all very pragmatic and again all part of our fee."

Tracey Campbell
Red Box

Tracey recently had a Health and Safety audit from Simon Lunken Head of Health and Safety at the BOSS Federation.

"I found the whole experience really beneficial to the business and the action points were all pertinent and valuable inclusions or improvements to our business practices. Unless you have a full time SQE Manager keeping abreast of changes to legislation and best practice can be quite challenging so having an independent assessment is really valuable.

Finally, can I also say Simon was excellent, he was just really friendly, knowledgeable and seemed genuinely interested in our business."

Geoff Betts
Stewarts Superior Europe Ltd

"Unfortunately we went through a period when we had to make a redundancy. BOSS HR were on hand to give us advice both verbally and through sending us actual correspondence that we were able to forward to our employee. We were taken through the whole process seamlessly and to have this type of support behind us was invaluable. To obtain this as part of our membership at no extra cost is really beneficial to the business."

Georgie Bennett
Office Team

"The team were somewhat nervous about the customer service training day, some because they don't like being out of their comfort zone and some because they didn't think they needed the training. However, Dominic approached the day in a fun and entertaining way, keeping it fast paced and interactive. As a result, all of the team felt very positive about the experience. They now have a better understanding of what constitutes excellent customer service; how they and their role benefit from this; how to tackle difficult situations how to approach, react, understand and interact with different personalities. We have seen and heard a di erence in the approach that the team take to both our internal and external customers. Overall it has been an excellent investment that we as individuals and as a team, and therefore the company have benefited from."

Graham Craik
Pentel (Stationery) Limited
"When I rang Nicola on the BOSS Legal support line, I was offered informed, practical and immediate advice, enabling us to reach a quick and effective solution to our enquiry - and the advice was free of charge too!"

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